Chairman Messages

"This is an age of collaboration and networking and Hence to strengthen the livelihood and ecosystem,
Integrated village development plan is essential with Active involvement of the community in partnership with All the development stakeholders"    -SHISHIR BAJAJ

Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj Trust (JKBT) has been working with community since long time. We were confined to only 11 villages with a focus area of Education and Community health till 2009. Since last 5 years, we have changed need based and focused Sustainable Livelihood interventions with the help of our own multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals. By the end of March, 2014 we have reached to 200 villages. In my last visit to Sikar, I could see some of the down trodden families standing on their own feet with the techno-financial support of JKBT and partner rganisations that have given me immense satisfaction. They may need assistance for few more years to be complete self-reliant. The journey from survival stage to self-reliant stage is not very easy. There are many chances to again come in to the debt trap and hence in the vicious cycle of poverty. Thus a complete livelihood plan for the poor family is essential. I could see that kind of plan in the Horticulture programme of JKBT in association with Horticulture and Agriculture Department of Govt. of Rajasthan. In the book “Hind Swaraj”, Mahatama Gandhi has shown the way of attaining holistic self-reliance. Through JKBT, we are also aiming to make family self- sufficient and nurture villages to be self-reliant. The fundamental concept of Gram Swaraj is that every village should be its own republic, “independent of its neighbours for its own vital wants and interdependent for many others in which dependence is necessary”. India has tremendous potential to develop its human and natural resources through participatory approaches. This is an age of collaboration and networking and hence to strengthen the livelihood and ecosystem, integrated village development plan is essential with active involvement of the community in partnership with all the development stakeholders. On the same line JKBT has started working with local people institutions like self-help groups, farmers clubs etc. The implementation plan of JKBT has been designed in such a way that many Government and Non-Government agencies converse for a common development cause with their techno financial capital. It is tough to work in this system as everyone has different mind-set but every micro success builds the capacity of the community and hence makes them self-reliant. The convergence among various development agencies could only happen due to persistent efforts of team members of JKBT. We have integrated our interventions in various clusters (a group of villages) which we call it biogas cluster, horticulture cluster and micro enterprise development clusters. We have plans to reach out to more number of lives and villages in near future. Efforts are also being made to reach out to the neediest in the remote villages. The interventions carried out in water harvesting, agriculture, micro irrigation systems and livelihood has started showing its results. Innovative interventions  like Grameen Fridge which runs without electricity, improved cattle feeding systems, multilayer cropping pattern and zero budget natural farming etc. are increasingly becoming popular among the villagers in our Sikar programme villages. Promotion of indigenous breed of cows and various income generating activities initiated by women self-help group members have strengthened their livelihood. The cash in the hand of poor women makes us feel proud. The increase in income has happened due to our microenterprise development programme. I am pleased to see that team members of JKBT engaged in the pursuit of enabling the community to reach their goal through enhancing awareness, building their capacities and providing techno-financial support. I would like to outspread my joyful acknowledgments to the people of the programme villages, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of Rajasthan and related line departments, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology and all the development stakeholders and team members of JKBT who has made their unremitting efforts for the community of our Sikar district programme villages. -SHISHIR BAJAJ


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