Kamalnayan Bajaj (1915 - 1972)

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Kamalnayan Bajaj, the eldest son of Jamnalal Bajaj, stalled shouldering family responsibilities front an early age. After completing his education in Cambridge University in England. Kamalnayan retooled to India to assist his father jamnalal, both in business and in social service. He was a strategist and chose not to court arrest. his purpose was to keep himself free to help those actively engaged in the freedom movement. Keenly conscious of the legacy of his reputed family that he had to carry forward, Kamalnayan once wrote to his father, that It is no joke to be the son of a big man." Kamalnayan was a man or strict principles, which he never swerved from. He had earmarked a large portion of the income from his family business for public causes and social service programmes, the mantle of all of which he had inherited from his father. He always had a sense of a larger social mission, transcending the dictates of business and the bottom line. An astute businessman. Kamalnayan envisaged immense potential in India for manufactured textiles. But lie did not pursue the profit in that business because of the firm commitment of the Bajaj family to khadi, umpired by Mahatma Gandhi. Clearly expounding his philosophy and his perspective. Kamalnayan observed, The various industries I am connected with should generate profit. Bin if any move on our part goes against national interests, I would condemn it and would not be party to it, even if it meant a loss in he bargain." Every new business venture that Kamalnayan got into, eloquently testified to his legendary business acumen. With tremendous foresight and a spirit of zestful enterprise. Kamalnayan acquired ailing industrial units and then miraculously turned thorn around. He went on to expand the business by branching into manufacture of scooter, three-wheeler, cement alloy casting and electrical. Besides being an insightful businessman, Kamalnayan was also a philanthropist driven by the passion for serving society at large. He was elected thrice as a member of the Lok Sabha between 1957 to 1971 from Wardha constituency in Maharashtra



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