Soil - water convservation & water Management


1. Development of Water resources

Traditional agrarian practices in this region are dependent on rain and ground water. Inadequate irrigation sources have led to total dependence on Kharif crops. In order to enhance the livelihood opportunities of the local communities. there is an urgent need to augment water resources by better management of surface water runoff, efficient and judicious use of available ground water, enhancement of the irrigation potential, promotion of efficient micro irrigation devices and improved farming practices. The community participates in the planning, identification of sites and the execution of the construction work. Community contribution comes in the form of cash. material and shramdaan for digging pits etc.


A successful intervention- Land leveling now ahead towards
promotion of Vegetable Farming by Drip System



2. Water Management through Micro irrigation systems

a. Sprinkler: It is one the best efficient techniques of water management in all seasonal crops. The water is saved up to 60-70%. Farmers have accepted sprinkler irrigation systems as they are able to cultivate Rabi crops with available water. In flood irrigation systems, with available water they could not cultivate Rabi crops.


Sh. Bhom Singh and his daughter happily watering to crops
by Sprnkler System, Village -Bhagu Meel Ka Bas



b. Drip: saves water up to 75%. As per our field observation farmer gets more production with less water. Farmer accepts drip in higher returning & higher water requirement crop i.e. input cost also decreases i.e. because of Insect & Pest attack reduce due to maintain moisture contain in root zone. Less weeding cost, Less irrigation labour cost.


Vegetable Cultivation by Drip System at Malio Ki Dhani

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