Promotion of Non-Conventional Energy Resources

The key focus of JKBT interventions are on the promotion of biogas an alternative fuel resource. Constant intervention and Participatory Appraisal with the community in the programme villages revealed that one of the major hardship faced by the women of the area was the poor availability of fuel sources. Women had to travel great distances to gather firewood.JKBT took the initiative to sensitize the peoples the benefits of Biogas by arranging for exposure visits for selected members. Biogas was accepted as a suitable alternative because

(1) Biogas is fuel efficient.
(2) It reduces the workload of collecting firewood on women and children.
(3)It provides a non-polluting and renewable source of energy.
(4) It is eco-friendly.


Biogas multiple benefits help study late hours at night
and by early morning children Studying when no light at home

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