Sustainable Agriculture Development


JKBT along with community taken up orchard development which is a sustainable income sources for the rural community. It has promoted orchards for lemon, pomegranate. Bel and Mango.

Promotion of cash crops like papaya has also been done in the programme villages. Some of the farmers have also experimented floriculture like rose and marigold, which will soon become popular in the area. Innovations are being done to keep Sower fresh for the longer period.

Organic Farming

JKBT provides a structured training on farming. The farmers are made aware about the sutstainable agriculture practies. Organic pits and vermin composting units are also being promoted.


Self Help Group members has increased farm based income
by adoption of vegetable farming

Promotion of Micro Irrigation Systems for Water Management

Just as it is important to replenish ground water, it is also important to manage conserved water through its judicious and efficient utilization. JKBT encourages farmers Stave mien, irrigation systems which improve yield while conserving water. The farmers are also linked with the government schemes.


Sprinkler irrigation systems are capable of saving up to 60-70% of water required for seasonal crops. JKBT has motivated farmers in this region to use sprinklers for cultivating Rabi crops.


Practical Training on Natural Farming by Local Resource Farmer
Sh. Bhura Ram, Village- Nani

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation saves up to 75% water and also enhances the yield. As a result of JKBT's efforts, farmers in this region have begun to use drip irrigation in horticulture- mango, citrus species, pomegranate. Bel and vegetables like tomato, brinjal and cabbage. Besides maintaining a high level of moisture in root zone, drip irrigation also reduces labour cost for weeding.

Diversification of Crops

JKBT along with community is trying to diversify crops to reduce the risk of the crop failure and also to get lucrative income. In order to make this happen. coriander, wheat and mustered crops are being promoted. Plantation of multipurpose trees/ forestry plants is also being done. It maintains the micro climate of the held and also fetches additional income.

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