Soil - water conservation and Water Management

JKBT has initiated several water harvesting measures in partnership with the local community so as to have water for support irrigation and for cultivating crops in the Rabi season also. Constructing technically improved Farm ponds, reviving and constructing Percolation Tanks and construction of check damns have been successfully undertaken. Looking in to soil composition which is sandy loam, it is needed to promote soil conservation measures such as field bunding and contour bunding. These measures reduce the erosion of the fertile top layer of the soil and help in maintaining humidity and recharge water in the ground.

As a part of its strategy, JKBT along with community has put its effort by construction obey structure, revival of existing old structures and also diverting rain water to recharge the ground water table. Under this programme Check Dam. Embankment of Farm Pond, Revival of Percolation tank, excavation of streams have been taken up.


Family harvest rain water and fulfil in safe and pure drinking
water at the door step

JKBT believes in sustainability of the structures which should benefit community for years. Hence it also motivates and enables community to plant vegetation on builds. A series of capacity building activities like trainings, workshops and exposure visits are also being done in these areas to make community empowered to use miscue structures sustainably. Trainings on water management are also being taken up for the, Judaisms use of water to get maximum yield.

Drinking Water

Water is a precious resource, especially so in water scarce areas like Sikar, where the average annual rainfall is as merger as 450mm. Besides, the gradual depletion of the ground water resource is further adding to distress of the community. JKBT has been instrumental in organizing and sensitizing the communities on water conservation and management interventions. The key objectives of JKBT's interventions are: (1) To promote water harvesting techniques by constructing roof rain water harvesting structures and (2) To enable and sensitize people to manage community resources efficiently.

JKBT has promoted Rain Roof Water Harvesting Structures (RRWHS) and Community Bore well for the drinking water at door step.

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