Promotion of Non-Conventional Energy Resources

A need assessment study conducted in the region revealed that one of the major hardship faced by the women of the area was the poor availability of fuel sources. Women had to travel long distances together firewood. They also have to cook under smoke and faces drudgery to clean the vessels. JKBT took the initiative to sensitize the people on the benefits of Bio-gas by arranging for exposure visits for selected members. Biogas was accepted as a suitable alternative because:


Sh. Manoj Kumar, Village Rambakshpura explaining Biogas and
Compost modal to farmers from neighbouring villages

(1) Biogas produces and conserves energy very efficiently.
(2) It reduces the work load of collecting firewood on women and children.
(3) It provides a non-polluting and renewable source of energy.
(4) It is eco –friendly.


School children to show the demonstration of the
solar lighting system

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