Dairy Farming

 Financial support to the poor women has also been given to purchase a local cow which best suits in the climatic situation of Sikar. Women of SHGs are encouraged to take up this activity which adds nutrition in the family and also to earn additional income. Different kind of training and awareness is also being done on the dairy farming. Slowly and gradually this activity is becoming popular among the poor women.

JKBT also disseminates different technology along with the technical knowledge to community after linking it with the experts of the different Institutions.


Azola - As Supplimentary Cattle Feed for maintaining milk yield
and cattle health

Improved Cattle Management Practices

Cattle which are stall fed and have access to adequate and safe water to drink remain healthy and yield more milk. JKBT provides financial and technical support to needy farmers for the construction of mangers for stall feeding and water troughs for the cattle.


Cattle Feeding cum Drinking Technology helping our cattle for
timely feeding, healthy life and as well as increase in milk yield

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