Institution Building

JKBT has been working closely with the rural communities of Sikar District ever since its inception. During this phase it was realized that institution building among the rural communities was essential to promote ownership and accountability. Village Development Committees were promoted with the objective to institutionalize the development process. The VDC are responsible for planning. implementing, collecting contribution, monitoring and supervision of interventions. JKBT has also been instrumental in the promotion of SHGs to provide a platform for women to communicate and participate in the development initiatives. Gradually these SHGs also became the perfect medium for involving women in savings and loan activities and thus adding another and a more meaningful depth to its woman's empowerment activities.


Women SHG members commonly finalize various activities
for their Dhanis-villages

Women Empowerment

In development process women are always focus of attention for JKBT. Thus, JKBT promotes, strengthens and links Self Help Groups of women with different institutions such as Banks and government schemes. Skill training like tailoring and masonry work has also been provided. Women arc now earning after netting this kind of training. Some of the other income generating activities like bangle wiling and dairy have also boon taken up. Larger forum like celebration of International Women Day and cluster meetings are also conducted for the sharing the broader vision and mile stones.


SHG women meeting for their internal financial management
Deeply involved in the process at village-Sangarwa

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