Support under Crisis

The emergency relief support of JKBT aims to provide life-saving assistance during times of crisis and distress. Support is provided in the form of shelter, water, food and basic health care in times of need. It also facilitates reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Support to Gosala

It is hard for the cattle to stand in the scorching sun in summer and biting cold in winter. A cowshed not only provides a hygienic resting place for cows but also discourages them from wandering around in fields and damaging the standing crop. The Gaushala Samiti of Mandawara felt the need to construct a common cowshed for the cattle of the village. The VDC took the lead and contributed 75% of the construction cost. The rest 25% was provided by JKBT. The total cost of construction was Rs.6 lakh of which JKBT contributed Rs 1.5 lakh. This activity was implemented by the Gatishala Samiti.


Challange facing in deverse situation - SHG women facilitated
support for drinking water kothis (small tank for
collecting drinking water)

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