Research and Demonstration Farm

Training, awareness, demonstrations and exposure visits are integral and indispensable components of the development process. JKBT has developed a research and demonstration farm at Kashi Ka Bas village. The Farm is spread out over I 8.15 acres of land owned by the JKBT. The Farm shall be the ideal site for demonstrating various scientific techniques and indigenous technologies related to agro-based activities i.e. Daily farming with advance technology. Nursery development. Wadi development, Farm pond, RRWHS, Bio-gas, Crop demonstrations sites for field crops, vegetables. medicinal plantation, vegetative live hedge fencing etc. The Farm shall have a Community Training Hall with all required infrastructure like organic formulations, micro irrigation systems- Drip, Sprinkler etc. This farm would provide all kinds of technical knowledge & information for the moral community. Every year trials of different varieties and new technologies have been taken up. Cash crops like coriander, cabbage. ginger and pea. Inter cropping (define spacing) and mix cropping (many crops) are also being tested to minimize risk, to spread the benefits of crop rotation (legume and cereal crop). to enhance the Firm productivity. Poly house is also installed in the campus and various demonstration and seedling are being grown inside the poly house. To spread the idea and benefits of hie pesticide, it is being formulated and tested in the research farm.

Demonstration of Mustard and Cabbage plot of the
LTRC Farm at Kashi Ka Baas

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